I decided that I was spending too much time writing instructions in random Google docs, vi’ed files, and GitHub repos. I wanted to have a single location that I could use as a way to publicly document all the things that I tinker with:

  • Kubernetes
  • Docker (who doesn’t?)
  • Splunk
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Random tech integrations (this list could go on forever)

With all of that, I felt that it was time to put it all into a blog. As I travel through life building these random things, I intend to document them here and link to any files, repos, or websites that I have created myself or used along the way.


If you get really bored while poking around this site, feel free to checkout my other experiments listed below!

Other Experiments

InkedWith Online Store

This is a site where I’m tinkering with selling various items that are printed with tattoo inspired art. Some of the art is indeed AI generated from various sources. In addition, there’s also some art provided by real tattoo artists.

You can access the store here. In addition, this site includes another blog that is geared towards tattoos specifically.